Discover applications unlocked by ULTRA resolution at sub-millimolar concentrations.

Advancements in the patented shimming technology of Magritek's High Homogeneity Halbach Magnets* make Spinsolve ULTRA our most versatile and powerful benchtop NMR system yet.

ULTRA is capable of resolving the overlap of small signals with large solvent signals to provide accurate quantitation of compounds in neat mixtures.  Spinsolve ULTRA requires no sample preparation to quantitate sub-millimolar mixture components in just 8 minutes.

Spinsolve ULTRA's improved resolution and lineshape enable applications including:

  • Quantification of sugars and alcohol in beverages.

  • Identification and quantification of metabolites in urine.

  • Fermentation monitoring in bioreactors
  • Contaminant quantitation in waste water

Spinsolve ULTRA allows scientists to resolve analytes of interest with unparalleled precision and speed, in as little as 8 minutes.

*Patent US 8,148,988 and EP 2,144,076

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