High-quality NMR that is easy to install & use on your benchtop.

No more waiting on the mail, in line, or making trips to the basement. 
Get top-quality NMR spectra directly on your laboratory bench!


Magritek Spinsolve 80 is the world's first 80 MHz benchtop NMR system. It combines the highest performance NMR spectra with the simplest installation and operation, all in a benchtop package. Visit the spectra library here.

Unlocking the unique analytical answers of NMR in your lab has never been easier.

Spinsolve 80 best-in-class features include:

  • Highest field strength (80 MHz) of any benchtop NMR.
  • Benchtop size and weight (73 kg / 160 lbs).
  • Superior sensitivity (1H dual channel > 200:1 for 1% Ethyl Benzene).
  • Outstanding resolution (0.5 Hz/20 Hz).

Spinsolve 80 is capable of performing the most advanced multi-nuclear methods with just a single click. Experiments enabled include COSY, DEPT, HSQC-ME, and HMBC.

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80 MHz
Field Strength


Highest Resolution
(0.5 Hz/20 Hz)



Download the Spinsolve 80 brochure for spectra, specifications, and information on these applications and more: