Uncover the Potential of Benchtop NMR in Forensics Labs.

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Forensics scientists all over the world must use their knowledge of chemistry to answer questions such as what is this substance? And how pure is it? There are many tools available to help answer those questions, however some cases require complicated sample preparation or the method is not sufficient.

NMR spectroscopy has proven to be an invaluable analytical tool for those with access to it due to its exceptional discriminating power and being inherently quantitative. However, the cost and maintenance of high field NMR spectroscopy has limited its use as a standard technique in forensics laboratories.

Advances in benchtop NMR spectroscopy overcome many of the limitations of high field by providing a simple to use, portable NMR spectrometer that fits on the laboratory bench. In this webinar we demonstrate examples where benchtop NMR can be used to distinguish between related compounds, such as isomers, and where other techniques lack the discriminating power or simple sample preparation. We will also demonstrate the quantitative capabilities of benchtop NMR with examples relevant to forensics.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Analytical properties of benchtop NMR uniquely suited to drug identification and quantification.
  • How to distinguish related compounds, including isomers, using benchtop NMR.
  • The potential for benchtop NMR to become a standard technique in forensics laboratories.