Workshop: Spinsolve - Advances in Benchtop NMR- Euromar Warsaw 2017

Register for the live workshop on July 4th, 13.30-14.30 and 14.30-15.30- Kopernik Room

Benchtop NMR systems have become popular analytical lab instruments in the last years.

With the recent launch of the Spinsolve Ultra, the magnetic field homogeneity has been improved to match a line shape that is comparable to superconducting magnets. Meanwhile, the brand new Spinsolve 80 pushes the limits in chemical shift spreading and sensitivity for a benchtop system.

During this workshop an overview of applications that can be addressed with benchtop NMR systems will be presented and practical demonstrations will be done on a live system.

Our three discussion sessions will be:

  • How Spinsolve is Revolutionising the Teaching of NMR
  • Getting Quantitative with Spinsolve
  • The Best Benchtop Gets Better


Register for the Spinsolve workshop: